Introduction to the function, principle and function of bicycle helmet

Since the invention of bicycles, people are better means of transportation and leisure, especially after cycling has become a competitive sport, people love it even more. However, as a sport with speed finals, safety has become an important issue. So people thought of helmets. The advent of bicycle helmets not only ensures the safety of cyclists, but also improves the performance of runners. The advantages of using helmets were first discovered by ancient wheelbarrow riders in some clubs as early as the 1880s, and later with the increase in hard asphalt and stone roads, there was an increase in head injuries while cycling. , the pith bicycle helmet came into being.​​

The pith was a cushioning material that absorbed the force of an impact, but the helmet soon gave way to a padded leather-faced design that began to be called a “hairnet” because of the net-like shape on the head. The same padded long leather case. There is foam padding wrapped in soft, premium leather. This does protect the ears of a cyclist who is injured in a fall from ground friction or injury. But unfortunately, its shockproof performance is relatively poor.

The soft helmet is an important development and looks like a vented bowl made of polystyrene material surrounded by synthetic elastane material (LYCRA). Then put a foam pad inside.

The crash resistance standard of bicycle helmets and the firmness of the buckle cords were proposed by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the mid-1970s. At the time, there was only one light motorcycle helmet that met this standard. But cyclists do not wear such helmets. Because this helmet is heavy and not breathable.

To do this, the manufacturer first made the shell out of ABS plastic, developing a CPSC-compliant bicycle helmet made of polystyrene foam. Afterwards, the updated shell material PVC and the high-priced material polycarbonate greatly reduced the weight of the helmet. Generally speaking, a bicycle helmet should be able to withstand at least two collisions. The first is when it collides with other cyclists or cars, and the second is when the cyclist falls on his own, these materials have a good cushioning effect on both impacts.

The shape of the bicycle helmet has changed a lot since its inception. Round helmets have been out of fashion for a long time. Now the helmet is smaller along the edge and the vents have changed a lot, it’s really cool, it’s breathable, it’s aerodynamic.

In addition to road bicycle helmets, with the advent of mountain biking, its helmets also appeared. Such as their larger size, they are less aerodynamic than road helmets. The main function of these helmets is to allow sweat to evaporate at a low speed in hot climates.

Post time: Mar-17-2022