On the importance of helmets

In a motorcycle accident, the more serious is the head injury, but the fatal injury is not the first impact on the head, but the second violent impact between the brain tissue and the skull, and the brain tissue will be squeezed or torn rupture, or bleeding in the brain, causing permanent damage. Imagine the tofu hitting the wall.

The speed at which the brain tissue hits the skull directly determines the severity of the injury. In order to minimize the damage during the intense collision, we need to reduce the speed of the second impact.

The helmet will provide efficient shock absorption and cushioning for the skull, and prolong the time for the skull to stop when it is hit. In this precious 0.1 second, the brain tissue will decelerate with all its strength, and the damage will be reduced when it comes into contact with the skull. .

Enjoying cycling is a happy thing. If you love cycling, you must also love life. Judging from the casualty data of motorcycle accidents, wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the probability of a rider’s death. For their own safety and for riding more freely, riders must wear helmets with guaranteed quality when riding.

Post time: Mar-16-2023