Rapha Classic – preserving performance and nature

Cycling is strangely obsessed with technological innovation and reinvention, yet we still ride on steel axles and spokes, and regard Merino wool with all the reverence that made it the first performance riding fabric. 


When tradition meets innovation, great things happen. Rapha proved this when it blended merino yarn with polyester, in 2004, with its Classic Jersey. This hybrid delivered the Rapha Performance Merino 150 (RPM150) fabric. And yes, the cadence inference was not accidental. 

Merino has terrific temperature adaptability. It can cool in warm conditions and keep you insulated when riding in those early morning or late afternoon shadows. Polyester revolutionized activewear, with its moisture-wicking abilities and resistance to deforming when stretched. 

Blending the two has the potential to deliver a superior fabric and with patience and dedication, Rapha’s product designers and textile specialists have been doing that for nearly two decades.