Which is better outdoor and indoor?

In recent years, more and more people love sports, but many people are struggling with indoor sports or outdoor sports are more suitable for sports. Let’s discuss it today!

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor sports:

Outdoor sports consume more calories

It is understood that walking or running outdoors with more green plants, beautiful scenery and rich oxygen ions is 10% more calories than running on treadmill. The relatively rugged road surface outside will produce more friction; Affected by natural wind, people who move will be more resistant; In addition, the change of uphill and downhill also enables outdoor sports to constantly change rhythm. Therefore, whether it is running, riding a bicycle or wheel skating, the practitioners will be more resistant to outdoor sports, and they need to consume more heat.

Outdoor running can consume 3% – 5% more heat than exercise on treadmill. In addition, fresh air and changing scenery can make fitness more interesting, and can help practitioners to persist for longer. Of course, bad weather or too strong, too dark light for outdoor exercise people also have potential risks.

The influence of outdoor sports on weather and other reasons

Outdoor sports can be close to nature, but due to the change of weather conditions, there are many restrictions on outdoor fitness. In addition, the work time is tight, the green environment site is lack, the city pollution is serious, the traffic and other impacts.

Advantages and disadvantages of indoor sports:

More perfect indoor fitness club facilities

When choosing indoor sports, two aspects should be paid attention to, one is to consider their own physical condition, the other is to consider whether the fitness place is professional. We often talk about exercise and fitness now, but exercise can’t be blind. Before exercise, we should consider their health status first. People with heart disease, obesity, hypertension or people who have been injured should pay special attention to go to the gym. Because of the excessive oxygen consumption in the intense exercise, the brain, heart and other organs are difficult to bear, which is very easy to cause myocardial infarction, angina and other diseases, but is not conducive to health.