Daily cleaning tips for electric vehicle helmets

Electric vehicle helmets are divided into summer models and winter models. No matter what season you wear it, you must do a good job of daily cleaning. After all, they are worn every day and are clean and hygienic. If it is dirty, it will be cleaned up. Here, we still have to remind users and friends to do a good job of cleaning the helmets to protect our health.
The daily cleaning of electric vehicle helmets is divided into two parts: inside and outside. Cleaning of the exterior is very simple. There are many external contacts with the environment on a daily basis. If you clean it every day, there won’t be too dirty stains. A simple wipe will clean it up. Just wipe dry with a paper towel.
To clean the outside is to clean the inside of the electric vehicle helmet. The inner and outer materials of the helmet are completely different, making it difficult to clean. If it is a simple normal cleaning, please pay attention to the internal dust. If the stain is serious, it needs to be cleaned with detergent. Because it is wet, it needs to be dried to avoid corrosion, which will affect the use of the helmet and the service life of the helmet.

Post time: Aug-24-2022