Helmet integrated with LED light

The product development and design of Cateye body and body adopts the materials and design in line with the product characteristics, striving to be simple, beautiful and lightweight. While emphasizing the performance, there is no lack of safety and fashion, and improving the riding efficiency, it is committed to providing better riding experience for the majority of riders and meeting the needs of Chinese people

Today, we will introduce the Cateye tail lamp integrated safety helmet, the new choice for the car friends to travel safely. 5 colors are available, simple and atmospheric, refreshing and versatile.

Streamline design


Streamline design reduces wind resistance and breaks the wind.

Wind breaking and ventilation


The ventilation is broken and ventilated, and 23 ventilation holes are used for front and back diversion, which is ventilated and breathable and not muggy.

Double PC shell with 100 density EPS


One time forming, 0.8mm double-layer PC shell, enhance the helmet transverse strength and impact resistance, uniform thickness, uniform absorption of impact, provide all-round protection. High quality imported EPS ultra light foam particles, foam density up to 100 (ordinary or high density, the difference between the two is its anti-collision effect), stronger shock absorption and impact resistance, more security.

Washable padding



two sizes (M: 57 ~ 61cm / L: 60 ~ 63cm), the knob can flexibly adjust the elastic size according to the user’s head circumference and head shape, suitable for Asian head shape and comfortable fit.

L :260g

The most beautiful April day, spring flowers, the scenery is flourishing, with riding equipment, riding a beloved bike to the spring outing.

Post time: Apr-30-2021